It’s hot. This summer has been extremely hot in many portions of the country. As a result, there are numerous warnings for elderly and disabled men and women to avoid direct exposure to the extreme heat. What if your mother’s doctor has told her she needs to get more exercise, though? Could elderly care be what she needs to support her right now?

Well, there are many different ways for seniors to get exercise that don’t require them to go outside. Simply walking up and down the hallway could be a decent activity that would get your mother some exercise. So could going up and down stairs.

What if your mother’s mobility is compromised?

Elderly Care Spring Grove PA - Elderly Care Supports Summer Exercising

Elderly Care Spring Grove PA – Elderly Care Supports Summer Exercising

An elderly person who has lost strength, who has faced certain health challenges, might not be able to get up and down the stairs safely on their own, even when holding onto the railing.

Perhaps your mother struggles to maintain her balance and uses a cane or walker to get around. You worry about her, but you might not be able to support her during the day when you are at work.

Even though your mother might not go outside to try and exercise, is her home equipped with air conditioning? Does her home have the ability to remain cool as the temperatures increase? If not, exercising in the house could pose its own set of challenges for your mother and that’s where elderly care can come in to help.

How could an elderly care provider help in this situation?

The most preferred option among elderly men and women when it comes to support is in-home care. An elderly care aide can assist your mother with any number of exercises, helping her maintain balance and safety while carrying out her doctor’s orders.

Being that she is doing these activities in the house, an experienced elderly care aide will be able to support her and also monitor the temperature inside, making sure it isn’t too hot, stuffy, and that your mother isn’t putting herself at risk with certain activities.

No, an elderly care aide is not a medical professional.

A home health care provider, somebody who is more commonly referred to as a visiting nurse, would be a medical professional, but a basic elderly care aide is somebody who can assist with basic tasks of everyday life. They shouldn’t be counted on for medical diagnoses or observation, but if your mother’s doctor has recommended exercise or certain activities to regain strength and mobility, that aide can help her and make sure she isn’t overdoing it or that the house isn’t too hot where she could be at too much risk while doing these activities.

During the hottest summer days, though, people need to be diligent.

They need to be diligent about their own health, their own safety, and staying cool. A person of advancing years won’t have the same ability to stay cool as they did in their younger years. An ederly care aide can be the perfect support to help your mother stay safe during the hottest summer days.

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