What To Update In Your Seniors Homes

As your loved one ages in place, you may notice outdated things or items in the house they can no longer use. You may think they need to move to a brand new place but the truth is many seniors are more than able to age in place and you can make simple updates that allow them to live more comfortably. One of the best things you can do for your loved one is make updates for them in the house but also hire senior home care providers to help them live at home. These professionals may be part-time but they can be a huge help when thinking about the quality of life your senior lives.

Here are some things to consider updating in their homes.

Doorknobs and Handles

Senior Home Care York PA - What To Update In Your Seniors Homes

Senior Home Care York PA – What To Update In Your Seniors Homes

Believe it or not, as your senior ages they may not be able to grasp doorknobs like they used to. It can be hard to twist and pull or push a knob. Luckily, by running to a hardware store you can find cheap replacements for almost all of their doorknobs. Finding lever-style handles or other easy-to-open handles will help your loved one age in place for a lot longer. The more they can open doors by themselves the longer they can stay independent. Senior home care can help your loved one open doors but they also want to promote independence.

Light Switches

If your senior doesn’t have a ton of light switches you need to invest in lamps that have buttons they can press with hands or even ones they can step on. This will help ensure they have good lighting everywhere they go and they have lighting with or without help from senior home care. A senior must have lighting because dim areas can cause falls or accidents that could be avoided with the right lighting. It is something that many people don’t think about updating but can make a huge difference in safety.

Get Rid of Rugs

Sometimes rugs are needed in an apartment or house with all hardwood floors, but sometimes they are not needed at all. If your loved one lives in a place where they don’t need rugs it might be time to consider getting rid of them. Rugs tend to hold on to dander and allergens but they can also cause falls that could be avoided. If your loved one lives in an apartment sometimes there are rules that certain areas have to have rugs, it depends on the state and apartment complex. If that is the case with your senior’s home, you may need to consider ways to secure rugs instead of trying to remove them.

Hire Senior Home Care Aides

One thing mentioned previously is that if your senior is living alone it may be time to hire help. This may not be a house upgrade but you can consider it a life upgrade! Senior home care is the ultimate tool for your senior to age in place. They will promote independence and healthy living which will help your loved one enjoy the comforts of their home in their later years.

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Jessica Ott