Getting Your Senior Loved One to Eat More

One of the natural reasons why your loved one may stop eating is because they lack interest in food. Maybe they can’t smell well or taste things or their needs naturally just change as they age. However, your loved one still needs vitamins, minerals, and calories to thrive as they get older. If you notice that your loved one has a decrease in appetite or a dramatic weight loss it’s time to figure out how to get them to eat more and consume the appropriate amount of calories to sustain a healthy life. Elder care providers can help your loved one prepare meals, grocery shop, and try new meals that may encourage your loved one to eat more.

Here are some of the best ways to get your seniors to eat more throughout the week.

Try New Foods

Elder Care McSherrystown PA - Getting Your Senior Loved One to Eat More

Elder Care McSherrystown PA – Getting Your Senior Loved One to Eat More

One of the best ways to encourage your loved one to eat is to try new foods.  Trying new things is the best way to keep food and meals interesting and it is a subtle way to get your loved one to eat more than they normally would. Sometimes a senior will not try new foods or meals on their own because they need more help in the kitchen. That is something elder care can help with and it may make living independently a lot easier for your senior loved one.

Encourage Movement

The more your loved one moves around the more calories they are burning. This may not seem like it, but the more they move around, the more likely they are to be hungry throughout the day. It is the best way to burn off energy and to get them to eat more without forcing them to do anything much. Many seniors cannot run around like they used to but elder care can help them move around the house and can help remind them throughout the day to move as much as possible. Your loved one should be on some kind of workout routine even if it’s just a routine that uses body weight.

Schedule Meals

Of course, a senior should always listen to their body, if they are hungry they need to eat. However, sometimes as a person gets older their cues don’t work as well as they used to so it’s not something a senior should rely on. Elder care should help a senior eat around the same time every single day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A senior may realize that if they stick to a routine they do start to naturally become hungry around those times. This can help them eat more and stick to healthy habits.

Make it Social

It’s time to head over to your senior loved one’s home to eat a meal with them. When a senior is social they may forget they are supposed to be eating and they start doing it because everyone else is doing it. Socialization can be a good distraction. Often, talking happens over food and it can be super fun for the senior. This doesn’t have to be boring and sometimes distraction with other family members can be what a senior needs to eat more.

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Jessica Ott