Celebrate Pet Parents Day on April 30

Are you providing care for an elderly one who is a pet owner? April 30 is National Pet Parents Day and it can be a fun day to celebrate all the joy that comes with being a “parent” to a pet. It doesn’t matter if the pet is a fish, a dog, or a rabbit, anyone can celebrate National Pet Parents Day, and here are a few ways you and an in-home care aide can help your elderly loved one celebrate the day.

Have a Special Outing With In-Home Care Aide Help

In-Home Care York PA - Celebrate Pet Parents Day on April 30

In-Home Care York PA – Celebrate Pet Parents Day on April 30

While this celebratory style may not work so well for a fish, if your loved one has a dog, he might enjoy taking his dog someplace new to celebrate National Pet Parents Day. You can set up a time for an in-home care provider to bring your loved one to an outdoor event that welcomes dogs, such as a festival or even some small businesses. Their in-home care provider could also accompany your loved one to a local restaurant that has outdoor seating where pets are welcome for a celebratory lunch.

Buy a Special Gift

Your loved one’s pet is unfortunately not going to give your loved one any special gift for this day (unless the cat bringing in another dead bird is considered a gift). So, why not help the pet out by purchasing a special gift for your elderly loved one to enjoy on this special day? Some companies make matching bracelets and collars so they can dress alike or many companies have pet shirts that match their human shirts. Both can be a fun way to show the world they belong together.

Create a Photo Album

Does your loved one take a ton of photos of his pet and post them on social media? You can download those photos and place them in an album so that your loved one has them at his fingertips whenever he wants to look back at the time he has had with his pet. It can be a lot of fun to relive those puppy or kitty days once the pet is older. They go by so quickly.

Take a “Family” Portrait

Speaking of photos, when was the last time your loved one had his photo taken with his pet? You could hire a professional to take a photo of the two of them (or however many pets your loved one is a parent to), or you could simply have his in-home care provider take some nice photos on his phone. Then get the best one printed out to frame and hang on the wall. If your loved one does like social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, he could post his photo with the hashtag #petparentsday and then go search out others who used the same hashtag.

The whole idea of this unique holiday is to provide pet owners with a special day where they can be recognized for their commitment to helping their pets live happy, healthy lives so why not celebrate along with your loved one?

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Jessica Ott