How Home Care Helps Seniors Stay In The Home They Love

Does your senior mom or dad want to stay in their home as they get older? Research shows that most seniors want to continue living where they are as they get older. And with home care services seniors can stay in the homes they love in most cases.

Even if your senior parent develops a medical condition like arthritis, blindness, or another condition that could impact their ability to live alone with home care they may be able to stay in their home.

Their wide range of services help seniors with all kinds of household tasks like:

Meal Preparation and Cooking

Home Care East Berlin PA - How Home Care Helps Seniors Stay In The Home They Love

Home Care East Berlin PA – How Home Care Helps Seniors Stay In The Home They Love

Cooking healthy meals is something that becomes less safe for seniors as they get older. Poor balance, poor hand-eye coordination, loss of muscle strength, and other age-related issues can make cooking and meal cleanup very difficult for seniors. With home care, seniors will have someone in the home to help them cook healthy and nutritious meals. And, home care providers can share meals with your mom or dad and encourage them to eat.

House Cleaning

Your mom or dad deserves to live in a clean, comfortable, and safe home. But as they get older they may have a tough time keeping their home clean and sanitary. Household chores like sweeping, mopping, doing the dishes, and dusting can be painful and difficult for seniors. Doing household chores also increases the risk of falls. A care provider can do light housekeeping for your mom or dad so they can enjoy their home safely.

Laundry and Ironing

Caregivers also assist seniors with washing, drying, folding, and ironing clothes to ensure seniors have clean and presentable clothing. Carrying heavy laundry baskets is too much for many seniors, although they may enjoy folding the laundry. A care provider will ensure that your mom or dad has clean towels and linens as well as clean clothes.

Grocery Shopping

Shopping for groceries and household supplies can be overwhelming physically and emotionally for seniors. And if your senior parent no longer drives just getting to the store can be a challenge. Home care providers can take care of all the shopping and errands so that your senior parent can stay home.

Or, if your senior parent prefers to shop themselves, a home care provider can help your senior mom or dad shop online so that the caregiver can pick up the groceries at the store. Most grocery stores offer online shopping and pickup at the store now.

Medication Reminders

A care provider will make sure that your senior parent doesn’t forget to take their medications when they are supposed to. They can fill medication boxes, pick up refills, and make sure that your senior parent knows when to take their medication and how to take it. And if your senior parent suffers any side effects from their medications a care provider can make note of those side effects so that you can report them to your parent’s doctor.

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Jessica Ott