Easy Ways For Seniors To Protect Their Hearing

Hearing loss is something that most seniors will experience. Some hearing loss is just age-related, while other types of hearing loss can be related to medical problems or injuries. According to studies nearly one in three seniors between the ages of 65 and 75 has some degree of hearing loss. Hiring elder care providers can be useful in dealing with this condition.

While seniors may not be able to completely avoid losing some of their hearing there are some things that they, with help of their elder care providers, can do to preserve their hearing as long as possible like:

Eliminate Background Noise

Elder Care Gettysburg PA - Easy Ways For Seniors To Protect Their Hearing

Elder Care Gettysburg PA – Easy Ways For Seniors To Protect Their Hearing

Most people don’t even realize how much noise they are hearing on a daily basis. But seniors who age in place are listening to some loud household noises day in and day out. The furnace, the air conditioner, the dishwasher, air purifiers, fans, refrigerators, washers, and other appliances all can make noise.

And even though they may not really notice the background humming and noises of these things they will impact a senior’s health and hearing. Seniors should make sure their appliances are up to date because newer appliances are much quieter than older ones. And they should make sure that the furnace and air conditioner are working properly so they aren’t excessively loud.

Use Captions On The TV

One of the most common offenders when it comes to a senior’s hearing is the TV. Seniors who watch TV and have trouble catching some of the words or music in what they’re watching should use the captions on the TV instead of turning the TV up. Listening to music and voices blaring from the TV all day can cause hearing loss in some seniors. Reading the captions is a better way to make sure that nothing gets missed in the shows that your senior parent likes to watch. Seniors with elder care can ask their elder care provider to turn the captions on the TV for them.

Don’t Use Swabs In the Ears

Your senior parent probably has been cleaning their ears with swabs for decades, but it’s actually not recommended for seniors to use swabs to clean their ears. Most seniors don’t have enough of a problem with earwax to make it necessary for them to use swabs to clean the wax from their ears. If your senior parent is having trouble with earwax they should talk to their doctor about a safe way to remove it and leave the swabs in the bathroom.

Get Regular Hearing Tests and Manage Health Conditions

Often seniors don’t think about getting their hearing tested when they are making appointments for routine medical care. But hearing loss can occur slowly over time so seniors could be losing their hearing without realizing it. Getting regular hearing tests will alert seniors and their families to any hearing loss and provide a baseline of measurements so that in the future if hearing loss occurs your senior parent’s doctor will be able to track it.

Seniors who have health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions need to manage their conditions as best they can. Keeping their other medical conditions under control will help prevent hearing loss as seniors get older.

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