Ways Seniors Can Get Rid Of Holiday Blues

There are a lot of seniors that struggle with depression during the holidays. Seniors who are going through their first holiday season after losing a spouse or someone they loved may have a particularly hard time getting through the holidays. Seniors whose families or children live far away also can struggle. Companion care at home services is a fantastic way to help seniors get through the holidays without becoming depressed.

Here are some things that can help seniors get rid of those holiday blues and stay engaged and social during the holidays even if they can’t be with the people they love.

Companion Care at Home McSherrystown PA - Ways Seniors Can Get Rid Of Holiday Blues

Companion Care at Home McSherrystown PA – Ways Seniors Can Get Rid Of Holiday Blues

Companion Care At Home

With companion care at home seniors won’t be alone. They will have a friend with them every day that they can talk to, share meals with, hang out with, shop with, and share their feelings with. Having someone there to talk with can make a huge difference in your senior loved one’s mental health. If you can’t be there with them during the holidays, companion care is a healthy alternative to them spending the holidays alone.


Seniors who are alone during the holidays can get a lot of joy and satisfaction from volunteering during the holiday season. Volunteering to walk dogs or help feed animals at the local animal shelter can free up other volunteers to spend time with their families and give seniors the love and comfort that comes from spending time with animals. Or volunteering at a food bank or soup kitchen is also a great fit for seniors because they can share a holiday meal with others and help brighten the holidays for others that are struggling.

Neighborhood Gatherings

It’s good for seniors to get to know their neighbors, and participating in neighborhood events is a fantastic way for your senior loved one to meet all the neighbors. Many neighborhoods host holiday events like caroling, gift exchanges, and potluck meals for everyone in the neighborhood. Your senior loved one may not be able to be with family for the holidays but they can enjoy being with the friends that they see frequently around the neighborhood. Strengthening their bond with neighbors is also a good way for seniors to have social interactions throughout the year with the people that they see often.

Video Chats

Video chats with family and friends are not as good as seeing their loved ones in person but they can help seniors get through the holidays without being too lonely. Family video calls can be a great way to connect with your senior parents when they live far away. And video calls can also help seniors feel included as part of the family celebration. With the camera on it’s almost like your senior loved one is really at the party or dinner and they can participate in conversations and games just as if they were in the room. And with video chats, your senior loved one won’t have the hassles of traveling or getting tired when it gets late.

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