The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Senior Ears Clean

It’s common knowledge that our bodies change as we age, and while there is a lot of focus on hearing loss, not much focus is placed on ear hygiene. The truth is that both are important, and seniors need to take better care of their ears if they want to preserve their general health and standard of living. Ultimately, maintaining clean ears reduces discomfort and infections in addition to improving hearing. The good news is that with home care assistance providers by their side, seniors can have the best of both worlds.

Home Care Assistance East Berlin PA - The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Senior Ears Clean

Home Care Assistance East Berlin PA – The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Senior Ears Clean

Understanding Senior Ear Health

It’s important to understand the particulars of senior ear health before delving into cleaning advice. Earwax (cerumen) accumulates in the ear canal due to thinning and less elastic skin as people age. Additionally, age-related ailments like arthritis can make it difficult for seniors to carry out routine ear care procedures.

Cleaning Advice for Senior Ears

It’s essential to ensure seniors maintain a good hygiene routine, including their ears. While some seniors may get specific advice from their audiology team, the following tips and tricks work in most instances:

Frequent Monitoring: Seniors with home care assistance have a heads up when alterations in their hearing health occur. For instance, more frequent pain or increased difficulty hearing might be noticed by the home care team, prompting seniors to talk with their audiologist.

Gentle Cleaning: Seniors should also understand how to clean their outer ear by using a soft, damp cloth. Additionally, they should be reminded not to put anything into the ear canal, including cotton swabs, to prevent damage.

Ear Drops: Earwax can be softer and easier to remove with the help of over-the-counter ear drops. However, before using any ear drops, especially if the senior has a history of ear issues, they should speak with a medical professional.

Warm Water Rinse: Excess earwax can be eliminated with a mild warm water rinse. With home care assistance, seniors can use a bulb syringe or an ear irrigation kit, paying close attention to the directions to ensure the best possible outcome.

Seniors should speak with a healthcare provider if they have noticeable earwax accumulation, chronic pain, or hearing changes. With specialized tools, an audiologist or doctor can safely remove excess wax.

Tips for Preserving Hearing Health

In addition to the cleaning tips above, there are other things that seniors can do to preserve their ear health and their health in general.

Keep Hydrated: Drinking lots of water can help seniors maintain the proper balance of bodily fluids, including those in the ear canal. Additionally, staying hydrated helps to avoid dryness and irritation.

Use Ear Protection: Seniors should wear ear protection when they are around loud noises, like during concerts or when using power tools. Over time, prolonged exposure to loud noises can harm hearing.

Steer Clear of Q-Tips: As mentioned above, cotton swabs are tempting, but they can cause more harm than good. Instead, seniors should avoid cleaning the ear canal with them and just use them to clean the outer ear.

Seniors’ hearing and general health depend on them keeping their ears clean and healthy. With home care assistance, seniors can take proactive measures to take care of their ears and avoid potential complications. Most importantly, seniors should always seek professional medical advice when in doubt about any issues with their ears.


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