The third Friday every February is set aside as National Caregivers Day. This year it falls on Feb 19th and we hope you’ll take this opportunity to appreciate all that you do to support your aging parent as their caregiver.

Caregiver Thomasville PA - Feb 19th – Treating Yourself on National Caregivers Day this Month

Caregiver Thomasville PA – Feb 19th – Treating Yourself on National Caregivers Day this Month

The average caregiver spends about 13 hours a month doing things like housekeeping, transportation, meal prep and errand running. That doesn’t count all the time you spend researching about different issues your parent may be facing, being the main source of companionship with your parent and driving endlessly from one place to another. And with the pandemic, this year has been especially tough as many resources have had to be cut or greatly reduced as we try to protect the elderly from the deadly virus that has overtaken the world.

So, while sometimes people who give so much have a hard time appreciating their own sacrifices, take a little time this coming Feb 19th to find some ways to thank yourself for all the love and support you’ve given this year as a caretaker.

Book a special treat for yourself.

Many “comfort” professionals have now found a way to provide their services to their clients safely. So, maybe now is the time to book to little trip to the pedicurist for that ultimate nail care, or to the local stylist to get a refreshed looked. You could also investigate making an appointment with a masseuse or chiropractor to help you relieve some of those painful stress knots that have developed in your shoulders and back.

Hire some help.

If you’ve been doing it all by yourself up until now, you might want to research hiring a home care provider to help with whatever areas you’ve been overwhelmed by. They can help bring your parent to and from appointments, help with household chores or provide companionship, along with a lot of other tasks. Hiring a home care provider can help you do what you want to do with your parent better by not being distracted or burdened by tasks and chores that are time-consuming and overwhelming.

Restart doing something you love.

If you’ve set aside a favorite hobby or activity that you’ve always enjoyed doing to take care of your parent, now is a great time to see how you can fit that back into your schedule. Be flexible with yourself, realizing you may not be able to do it exactly as before, but even baby steps back into an old favorite activity will make an improvement in your overall outlook and mood. Has it been so long you’ve forgotten what you like to do? Look through old photos or ask a family member to remind you.

Buy yourself a little gift.

It might be as simple as a large drink from your local coffee shop or that fun new gadget you saw online, but take some time to say thank you to yourself by rewarding your hard work with something that will make your heart happy.

Once National Caregivers Day is over, don’t stop taking time to appreciate all you’ve done for your parent and rewarding yourself accordingly, because you deserve every day of the year to be National Caregivers Day.


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