How Can 24-Hour Home Care Help Patients Recover from Illness or Surgery?

When seniors are recovering from being sick or from a surgical procedure, they may need more help than they typically need. For some seniors, 24-hour home care services are the perfect choice. These caregivers are there with aging adults around the clock. That means that whether they need help overnight or during the day, there’s someone there with them who can give them that vital assistance.

24-Hour Home Care Helps with ADLs

24-Hour Home Care East Berlin PA - How Can 24-Hour Home Care Help Patients Recover from Illness or Surgery?

24-Hour Home Care East Berlin PA – How Can 24-Hour Home Care Help Patients Recover from Illness or Surgery?

During recovery, seniors may have a lot more trouble with activities that they could normally do with no trouble. Things like bathing, dressing, and toileting are called ADLs, or activities of daily living. These activities become much more difficult when someone isn’t feeling well or when they’re recovering. Home care providers can offer help with those activities whenever necessary, ensuring that seniors are able to maintain hygiene and stay comfortable.

Prepare Meals and Offer Companionship

Most people who are recovering from surgery or illness don’t have the energy to prepare healthy meals. Since eating balanced, healthy meals boost recovery, it’s vital that seniors have another option. 24-hour home care providers can make sure that aging adults are getting the nutrients they need to keep healing.

It’s also a lonely experience to recover from health issues. Seniors may not have anyone nearby who can stay with them to keep them company as they heal. Caregivers who are there around the clock offer a social connection that seniors really need while they’re recovering. This can also help family members to feel better about their family member’s recovery time.

Assist with Light Housekeeping and Provide Transportation

Household chores are another area that can fall by the wayside when someone is recovering. Home care providers can stay on top of those tasks for seniors, ensuring that laundry is done and that tasks like vacuuming, dusting, and more are handled. This also helps to ensure that the environment seniors recover in is clean and free of tripping hazards.

Seniors may still need to go to their doctors or other appointments, and driving might not be recommended for them as they recover. 24-hour home care providers can be there to help them get where they need to go on time and safely. Because they’re there with the person receiving care, there’s no need to wait, either.

Assist with Fall Prevention

The last thing anyone needs after surgery or while they’re healing from being sick is to take a tumble at home. 24-hour home care providers can help to be on the lookout for any tripping hazards that might present a problem. They can also help seniors with mobility, keeping them from experiencing a bigger injury and prolonging recovery time.

It’s always a good feeling for family members to know that their aging family member is in good hands when they are under the weather, and 24-hour home care providers offer that peace of mind. They help their patients to recover from surgery or illness in comfort and as safely as possible, while also offering companionship and a variety of different types of assistance.

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