Personal Care at Home: What Do You Know About Functional Decline?

Your mom’s doctor mentions you should monitor her for age-related functional decline. She’s been diagnosed with macular degeneration. Within what seems like weeks, she’s struggling with balance. Before you know it, she’s unable to do things independently. Your mom can no longer get out of bed or take a shower without falling. She has a hard time with housekeeping and laundry. As glaucoma keeps her from driving, she withdraws and doesn’t leave the house. Why is this happening and how can personal care at home assist?

Personal Care at Home New Oxford PA - What Do You Know About Functional Decline?

Personal Care at Home New Oxford PA – Personal Care at Home: What Do You Know About Functional Decline?

That’s age-related functional decline. It doesn’t have to be tied to a chronic illness. Still, many older people start to struggle with activities of daily living after they’re diagnosed with something like eye disease, dementia, heart disease, or osteoporosis. If your mom is hospitalized for any reason, you might find her function decline picks up speed.

What Can Help Lower the Risk of Functional Decline?

One of the ways to help ease the risk of functional decline is by making sure your mom stays active. If she’s used to going shopping every week, don’t let her stop. Take her to the mall and have a day out together.

Make sure your mom is eating healthy meals and snacks each day. If she claims not to be hungry, put food in front of her anyway. Leave out snacks that offer the nutrition she needs. Serve cheese and spinach mini quiches to ensure your mom is getting vegetables, dairy, and protein. Fruit slices and a yogurt dipping sauce are also good snacks.

If she’s overweight, help her get more exercise. Find fun ways to boost her activity. Take her to the park and walk on the trails. Ride bikes on a local bike path.

Whatever chronic illness she has, your mom has to take care of herself. If she has diabetes, she needs to monitor her blood sugar levels and eat the right foods. With macular degeneration, she needs to see her eye doctor regularly and take any recommended dietary supplements.

One of the best ways to lower the risk of functional decline is to make sure your mom feels supported. Hire personal care at home services. When she lives alone, she may not eat as well as she would if someone were with her. She may be more willing to go for a walk if her caregiver is by her side.

Arrange Personal Care at Home Services

Does your mom need someone around during the day or night? If she feels isolated, hire personal care at home providers to be with her when she’s up and active. In case she tends wake up during her night sleep periods, have a caregiver there to be there if she wakes up. It helps her avoid loneliness, which lowers the risk of functional decline.

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