Your Dad’s Moving In – How Do You Make Your Home Safe For Him?

After his stroke, it’s clear that your dad cannot live alone. He’s agreeable to moving in with you, but before that happens, you need to make sure your home is safe for him. What should you be addressing? Should you hire home care providers to give you respite care?

Bathroom  and Kitchen Safety

Home Care McSherrystown PA - Your Dad's Moving In - How Do You Make Your Home Safe For Him?

Home Care McSherrystown PA – Your Dad’s Moving In – How Do You Make Your Home Safe For Him?

The bathroom is one room that will see the most change. If you only have a tub/shower unit, stepping over the side can be challenging. A transfer bench is important as your dad can sit on it, swing his legs over one at a time and slide the seat across the frame so that he’s sitting in the shower.

If he has a shower stall, see if there is a lip that he’ll have to step over. Make sure there’s a shower seat available and add grab bars he can hold while walking into the shower stall and sitting down.

Grab bars are another safety feature that needs to be added. They go on the walls inside the tub or shower, in front of and to the side of the toilet, and on the wall outside of the shower or tub area.

If there are any rugs in the kitchen, remove them. Put appliances that your dad wants to use on the counter. If he’s in a wheelchair, the counters may be too high, so consider adding a lower table with the appliances he uses.

Stairs and Entry Ways

Stairs and entryways in homes aren’t always brightly lit. If your dad can go up and down the stairs, he needs them to be well-lit and free of any hazards like dog toys, shoes, and umbrellas. Wide, clutter-free, illuminated stairs are essential for his safety.

Entryways also need to be illuminated. If he has older fixtures, consider upgrading them to energy-efficient LED fixtures. Add solar lighting outside in areas where there are no light fixtures or electrical lines.


Declutter the rooms your dad will have access to. Make sure that he has room to maneuver with a wheelchair or walker if he is using one. He may start with a cane, but he’ll still need some room to walk around.

Keep floors free of clutter like toys, decorative rugs, cords, and floor pillows. Your dad needs room to walk around without tripping on things or bumping into them.

Leave Time for Self-Care with Home Care Help

Make sure you have time for your spouse, children, friends, and, most importantly, yourself. Caring for your dad doesn’t have to land solely on your shoulders. Home care services help you de-stress and become energized by ensuring you have time for self-care.

Talk to our home care specialist about respite care services. You’ll have caregivers helping your dad while you take a few hours or a day off. You can also use respite care to take a vacation without leaving your dad alone or forcing him to join you.

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Jessica Ott