Situations Why to Hire Home Care ASAP

Most families carefully plan home care services over a span of weeks or months. Some even make decisions early on and have a care plan drafted in case it’s needed. What happens if you don’t have time to plan? Sometimes home care is needed ASAP. There’s no time to plan and organize.

Here are five situations where home care services are urgent.

A Cancer Diagnosis

Home Care Spring Grove PA - Situations Why to Hire Home Care ASAP

Home Care Spring Grove PA – Situations Why to Hire Home Care ASAP

According to the National Cancer Institute, almost 40% of Americans will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime. Breast, prostate, and lung cancers are the most common. The median age for a cancer diagnosis is 66.

Your dad’s been diagnosed with cancer. Right now is time to arrange for caregivers. If he needs surgery to remove the mass, he’s going to need to take it easy while he recovers. He may be treated with chemo and radiation. He’s going to feel weak and need someone to help with meals, housekeeping, and transportation.

A Stroke

Many people have no advanced notice that a stroke is about to hit. If that happens to your family, you’ll need to make immediate plans for home care aides. Your dad will need someone to cook meals, clean his home, and help him with personal care and hygiene.

After a stroke, your dad will not be able to drive himself to his therapy sessions, follow-up appointments, or stores. He needs caregivers to take him shopping and help him run errands.

Advancing Alzheimer’s

Sometimes, Alzheimer’s progresses slowly over several years. There can be times when things escalate rapidly. If you suddenly find your dad has started wandering or being paranoid, there’s no time to waste. He needs supervision throughout the day and night.

Caregivers can keep your dad company, join him on walks to keep him from getting lost and cook his meals. They can drive him to appointments with his memory care team or therapists. He can also have caregivers scheduled to help him go shopping or run errands.

A Fall

Older adults often fall if the medications they take cause dizziness or sleepiness. They may have arthritis pain that impacts their mobility. With home care services, caregivers are there to help with ambulation, watch for side effects, and make sure your dad sits down after taking his daily pills and is supported while taking a walk.

Sudden Vision Loss

About one in three older adults have at least one eye disease that limits vision. Sometimes, they can suddenly appear and cause sudden vision loss. It’s not ideal, but if it happens, your dad cannot drive anymore. He’ll also need someone to help him move around the home.

Home care services can help your dad with showering, toileting, ambulation, and transportation. He won’t be able to cook a meal without assistance, and his caregiver can help him find the right ingredients, adjust the heat on a burner, and set the temperature of his oven.

Make arrangements for home care as soon as you know services are needed. An expert in senior care will help you schedule caregiver visits.


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Jessica Ott