Help Your Mom Feel Like She Can Travel

Traveling is something your mom loves, but it’s just not possible for now. Her health may keep her from being able to travel. It might be her finances or something else that keeps her at home. While she can’t get on a plane and explore a new city, state, or country, you can help her. Plan small family gatherings where you experience the smells, sights, and sounds of places she longs to visit from her home. Elderly care aides could help with this too.

Watch Travel Videos Together

Elderly Care Thomasville PA - Help Your Mom Feel Like She Can Travel

Elderly Care Thomasville PA – Help Your Mom Feel Like She Can Travel

Get personal tours of cities around the world on sites like YouTube. Many videos exist, so it’s easy to find a travel video for almost every city. Some can be just a few minutes long. Look for the longer ones that travel to a variety of sites and walk through some of the open-air markets, shopping areas, and restaurant districts.

Find and Play Games or Enjoy Activities Native to That Area

Find what games are traditionally played in that region. If your mom has always wanted to go to England, you could get a cricket set and play cricket in the backyard.

If you can’t find games, look for activities. Your mom loves the idea of going to Paris. Why not spend time watching an instructional video and attempting to make the perfect homemade croissant.

Research and Prepare Family Meals

Once you know where your mom wants to go, look up that city or country’s gastronomy. She may not be able to travel, but family members can cook traditional meals for her. Host a small potluck meal where everyone brings a different dish.

With multiple family members preparing something, you could have someone bringing a salad, someone else bringing a dessert, and someone else brings an appetizer. You’ll be able to focus on the main entree.

If your mom has always wanted to travel to Japan, your sister could bring a sushi platter. You could make ramen and tempura. Your brother could bring a sampling of Japanese desserts. She can try a variety of Japanese foods at once.

Talk About Her Travel Goals With Professional Elderly Care Providers

Keep your mom engaged with others and learning new things through the services elderly care aides provide. Let the caregivers help your mom put on a travel video and cook foods she sees in travel videos.

Elderly care providers can drive her to stores and businesses when running errands. They can take her to the local park for a walk. Elderly care aides also provide services like housekeeping, laundry, and meals. Call an agency to make arrangements.

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Jessica Ott