Staying Fit at Home as a Senior

Many seniors have health concerns or mobility constraints that make getting out of the house to exercise challenging. However, aging folks must be active to avoid illnesses, preserve strong bones and muscles, and improve general health and well-being. Different workouts may be performed at home to improve joint function, cardiovascular health, balance, and strength. Exercises may also be tailored to an individual’s physical capabilities. If your loved one has companion care at home services, they can oversee their safety when they exercise.

Here are some exercises that older persons may practice in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Aerobic Exercises with Companion Care at Home Assistance

Aerobic workouts help to improve the cardiovascular system. As blood circulation rises, cells, tissues, and organs get more oxygen and nutrients, allowing the body to heal as required. Aerobic exercise includes brisk walking and dancing. Seniors should aim for 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week. If necessary, the exercise may be divided into two 15-minute periods, each with a distinct form of exercise. Seniors should begin softly and progressively increase the length and intensity of their workouts. If your senior has certain limitations that make it hard to exercise at home, it is time to consider hiring companion care at home professionals to help ensure your senior is safe while exercising.

Muscle Strengthening Can be Done at Home

Strength training improves the endurance of all major muscle groups. Seniors should include these workouts in their routine at least twice a week. Large muscles become stronger as they grow, providing additional joint support and reducing joint tension and pain. Stronger muscles also help to prevent bone loss caused by inactivity. Strength training may begin by raising a limb against gravity, then progressing to hand and ankle weights or elastic bands. Seniors who perform strength training may be able to utilize traditional weight machines and free weights in the future.

Stretching and Flexibility Exercises Can be Good Home Workouts

Seniors may have a broader range of motion by doing flexibility exercises. As a result, individuals can do everyday responsibilities and enjoy hobbies with less pain. As tolerated, the movements are meant to gently bend and straighten joints. Flexibility improves with time until elders have near-normal or normal joint mobility. Stretching exercises may also be used to warm up before participating in more rigorous activities. Some seniors may need help fitting this into their routine or being reminded that this is a chance for companion care at home to help your senior live a higher quality life.

Balance Exercises and At Home Yoga Are Great for Seniors to Practice

Falls continue to be a serious problem among the elderly, and weakening bones and lack of balance may lead to falls and fractures. Falls may be avoided by doing activities that improve balance. Walking backward and practicing standing on one foot and then the other may help older persons improve their balance. Tai chi is an excellent approach for seniors to build strength and balance simultaneously. Seniors should balance exercises up to three times each week to get the most advantages.

The many styles of yoga that are performed now provide a thorough exercise for elders. Balance is automatically improved by Hatha and Bikram. Bikram is generally done in a heated environment, which promotes muscular relaxation and flexibility. The Iyengar style emphasizes muscular development to improve joint support. Vinyasa flow improves balance and flexibility while also giving cardiovascular exercise.

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Jessica Ott