Five Reasons Your Loved One May Not Be Eating Well

If your elderly loved one has been losing weight but doesn’t have an underlying condition that is causing the weight loss, it might be because he isn’t eating enough or isn’t eating the right food. Elderly individuals, especially those who live alone, often neglect their nutrition needs due to several reasons. Hiring 24-hour home care providers can assist with this issue.

Remaining a healthy weight for your loved one is important for him to have a healthy immune system, as well as the energy and stamina to participate in the activities needed for daily living as well as doing the things he enjoys. If your loved one is not eating well, it’s important to find the root cause of it and then work with him to find solutions to it. Simply stocking his refrigerator full of food may not be enough.

Let’s look at common causes of why some elderly people stop eating.

24-Hour Home Care Abbottstown PA - Five Reasons Your Loved One May Not Be Eating Well

24-Hour Home Care Abbottstown PA – Five Reasons Your Loved One May Not Be Eating Well

He’s lonely. Eating alone can be a harsh reminder that he’s home alone all day, especially if he’s lost a spouse or family member in recent years. Staring at that empty chair may be too painful. Your loved one might find it helpful to have a 24-hour home care team that can be there during all of his meals. They can help with prep, clean up, and sometimes, more importantly, companionship.

He’s eating the wrong stuff. Maybe your loved one is eating, but he’s not eating healthy food. He’s become too dependent on empty calories that don’t provide the nutrition he needs to stay healthy. A 24-hour home care team can help by providing nutritious and tasty meals and snacks so that when he does eat, he’s getting the most out of the calories he’s consuming.

Eating is difficult. Your loved one may not like eating because his dentures don’t fit well or he doesn’t have the molars to chew his food well. He might also have problems swallowing and is afraid of choking. A 24-hour home care team can help make sure the food he’s served is safe for him and does not cause any pain. If dentures or tooth problems are the cause, a visit to the dentist to make any needed repairs in his mouth is important as well.

Food just doesn’t taste as good anymore. Many seniors lose their sense of smell which then makes food less flavorful and desired. A 24-hour home care team can help by creating meals that are more enticing to your loved one, giving him incentive to eat more.

He can’t manage meal prep anymore. Whether it’s because of memory problems and an inability to follow a recipe or it’s because of arthritis that makes handling a knife difficult, some seniors stop eating well because they can’t make the meals they used to. This is another great way a 24-hour home care team can help. They can either assist your loved one in his meal prep or prepare fresh and healthy meals for him themselves so he doesn’t have to worry about hurting himself or messing up a recipe.

Good nutrition is paramount to your loved one’s overall health, so once you get him back on the road of eating regularly and eating well, he’ll likely see improvements in other areas of his life as well.

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Jessica Ott