Ways to Keep Your Senior’s Kidneys Healthy

Your senior’s kidneys do a big job every single day. They’re responsible for filtering her blood constantly, as well as keeping her bodily fluids balanced with the right amount of minerals. If your senior’s kidneys start to fail, that causes big problems across the board. There are some things that you and your elderly family member can do to help protect her kidneys and keep them as healthy as possible. Her senior home care provider can help her follow through with the suggestions here.

Give some of these ideas a try.

Keep Chronic Health Issues Under Control

Senior Home Care Spring Grove PA - Ways to Keep Your Senior’s Kidneys Healthy

Senior Home Care Spring Grove PA – Ways to Keep Your Senior’s Kidneys Healthy

Other health issues, especially diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure, put a strain on your senior’s kidneys. That’s especially true if these health issues are out of control in any way. It’s vital that your elderly family member is following her doctor’s care plan for managing chronic health issues so that her other organs, especially her kidneys, are less likely to be affected. Senior home care providers can help remind your senior what she needs to do.

Adjust Her Diet and Keep her Hydrated

There are some small dietary changes that can add up to big kidney benefits for your elderly family member. Reducing salt intake and excess sugar intake seems big, but it really isn’t. Also, limiting caffeine can pay off for better kidney health. Your elderly family member might need help from senior home care providers to make those changes, especially if she has been relying on convenience foods heavily.

Almost any health issue can be improved at least a little by keeping your senior hydrated. Most people aren’t drinking enough water, often because it’s perceived as dull or boring. There are other ways to get more water intake, though, like eating berries, melons, and other foods that are high in water content. Try a variety of options to find the ones that work best for your senior.

Talk to Her Doctor about Exercise

If your elderly family member isn’t already exercising, her entire body can benefit from starting a workout program. The key is to make sure that it’s safe for her to do so. Talk with your senior’s doctor about whether she’s able to exercise and get a ballpark understanding of how much activity is right for her.

Look into Hiring Senior Home Care Aides

There are other ways you might be able to support your senior’s health, too, like encouraging her to rest a little bit more and prioritize quality sleep. These are situations that senior home care professionals can help her with as well, especially if sticking to routines is more difficult for your senior. Find a plan that works for your elderly family member and adjust it to meet her needs as they change.

Something else to be aware of is the symptoms of kidney trouble. If your elderly family member starts to feel fatigued, is nauseated often, and is experiencing persistent thirst, don’t ignore the symptoms. Talk with her doctor about what other signs might indicate that she’s having kidney trouble so that you can get help for her right away.

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Jessica Ott