Toileting and Bathing Safety Tips for Seniors

For seniors, maintaining safety and independence in the bathroom is absolutely essential. The bathroom has long been considered the most dangerous room in the house and that fact is even more accurate for aging adults. What matters most is that seniors have a plan for ensuring that they are able to be as safe as possible while bathing and toileting. Making some changes, including hiring personal care at home providers, could be the key to ensuring they’re safe in the bathroom.

Keep the Bathroom Clear of Extra Stuff

Personal Care at Home Abbottstown PA - Toileting and Bathing Safety Tips for Seniors

Personal Care at Home Abbottstown PA – Toileting and Bathing Safety Tips for Seniors

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to improve bathroom safety is to declutter the space. Anything that doesn’t need to be in the bathroom, like decorative items, slippery rugs, or excessive amounts of toiletries or towels, should be kept somewhere else. Keeping the bathroom clear of clutter means it’s easier to move around safely in the room. It’s also a good idea to contain items as well as possible in the bathroom. Using storage bins and containers keeps items in their proper places until needed.

Make Sure the Room Is Well Lit

A well-lit bathroom allows seniors to navigate the space safely. Adding brighter light fixtures or swapping out bulbs for ones with higher wattage can help immensely. Bringing in lamps to improve lighting might not always be the best way to go, especially if that means that there are more cords and clutter to manage. Nightlights are a good addition, however, especially for overnight needs.

Avoid Rushing

Few situations are improved by hurrying and rushing. Rushing in the bathroom can very quickly lead to accidents and injuries. Allow seniors plenty of time to handle their needs in the bathroom. Personal care at home providers can help aging adults stay on a toileting schedule, for instance. This helps seniors to avoid last-minute dashes to the bathroom. When bathing, leave plenty of time to allow seniors to safely undress and to get in and out of the tub without having to hurry.

Establish Routines and Use Reminders

Establishing routines and utilizing reminders helps seniors stay organized and maintain bathroom safety. Having a schedule of consistent toileting and bathing routines lets seniors know what to expect. Predictability and routines are really helpful for aging adults, especially if they experience any sort of fear around bathing or the bathroom itself. Consistent routines also help to make sure that nothing gets forgotten in the process. Helpful reminders might include notes and checklists or even a calendar or smartphone reminder.

Get Help from Personal Care at Home

One of the best ways to ensure that seniors have the extra support they need in the bathroom is to hire personal care at home. Trained professional caregivers have experience helping seniors to take care of their needs around bathing, toileting, and other personal care tasks. They’re also able to help seniors learn to use mobility aids that make bathing and toileting both easier and safer while offering companionship and protecting their dignity.

Keeping seniors safer in the bathroom helps them to enjoy every aspect of their life more fully. Personal care at home enables seniors to have the best possible quality of life and get their needs met as well.

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Jessica Ott