Five Benefits of a Pedicure

Having your toenails painted seems like a luxury and while in many ways it is luxurious, it can also be quite beneficial for your aging loved one. Whether your loved one makes an appointment at her local nail salon or you ask her personal care at home attendant to provide the service, your loved one will reap these benefits.

Personal Care at Home McSherrystown PA - Five Benefits of a Pedicure

Personal Care at Home McSherrystown PA – Five Benefits of a Pedicure

Well-cared-for toenails. Toenails can be hard to care for as a person ages. Not only do they get tougher to trim and shape, but they also might become out of reach. Many elderly individuals find themselves struggling to bend over and get to the correct angle to reach all of their toes, leaving some not trimmed at all, or hastily done while your loved one stretches to her maximum. Another obstacle is arthritis. If your loved one suffers from arthritis, holding a clipper steady enough to do proper trimming can be quite difficult. Letting a personal care at home provider or a nail professional do it can ensure it’s done well and without injury.

Boosted self-esteem. For many, having nails that are nice to look at can help their self-esteem, especially if open-toed sandals or shoes are in their future. It can be embarrassing to have broken, discolored toenails but a nice pedicure can make those toes look fabulous again, boosting your loved one’s confidence to go out dancing or walking on the beach.

Reduced stress. If your loved one is stressed out, having a pedicure is a great way to relax. If at a salon, your loved one can ask for a foot or calf massage to go along with the pedicure to bring relief to tired feet and legs. If at home with her personal care at home provider, calming music can be played, a scented candle burned and a gentle foot massage can be just the thing for your loved one to relax and her stress levels to reduce.

Human touch. Elderly individuals who live alone, often talk about the lack of human touch in their lives, especially if family is not nearby. Having a pedicure means someone has to physically touch them, rub their feet, and perhaps massage them as well. It provides a bit of a human connection that can be hard to find as a person ages.

Improved foot health. A complete pedicure not only paints the nails but examines the feet, getting rid of rough skin and moisturizing as needed. Done regularly, this can ensure your loved one can stay on top of any foot concerns she might have like cracked heels or foot fungus. If your loved one is diabetic, this can be a great preventative activity to ensure there aren’t sores that aren’t healing on her feet.

Grab that bottle of sparkly purple passion nail polish and use a pedicure as a luxurious way for your loved one to care for her feet and improve her overall foot health.

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Jessica Ott