The Best Ways to Set Up a Low-Maintenance Garden for Your Mom

Gardening benefits you in several ways. It counts as exercise, and the resulting produce is packed with nutrients your body needs. Plus, a flourishing garden boosts pride and self-esteem. There’s a level of satisfaction in growing something and knowing you are capable of feeding yourself.

The activity doesn’t have to be something your mom dislikes. If she dislikes the idea of leaving her yard or purchasing exercise equipment, gardening is a great solution. She doesn’t need a large yard.

Here are the easiest ways to set up a low-maintenance garden for her.

Homecare McSherrystown PA - The Best Ways to Set Up a Low-Maintenance Garden for Your Mom

Homecare McSherrystown PA – The Best Ways to Set Up a Low-Maintenance Garden for Your Mom

Layered Gardens

The hardest part of gardening can be keeping up with the weeds. A lasagna-style, layered garden helps with this. You’re smothering the grass and weeds with cardboard and newspaper before you get started. You don’t have to dig out the sod before you start.

Choose the appropriate garden size in your mom’s yard. It doesn’t have to be large. Layer cardboard and newspaper and wet it down. Layer leaves and pine needles over that. Wet it down. Cover that next layer with garden soil or manure. Keep building the garden in layers like that until the bed is about a foot high.

Once this is done, wet it once more and let it sit for weeks to naturally compost. Once it has heated up and started breaking down, you can start planting. Make sure you continue to add compost to keep the nutrients up.

Raised Beds

A raised bed is often the best choice for someone who cannot bend over for extended periods. Build the frame or purchase a kit. Staple landscaping fabric to the bottom to keep weeds to a minimum. Fill that frame with mulch, manure, and garden soil.

Container Gardens

When your mom has no yard, container gardening is useful. If aesthetics matter, half whiskey barrel planters or large terra cotta planters will suit her needs. If she doesn’t mind how it looks, purchase five-gallon buckets and use those. Layer stones in the bottom for better drainage.

Fill the rest of the planter with potting soil and plant seeds and seedlings. As heat from the sun will hit the sides of the containers and the top, make sure they’re watered regularly. Use a plant food to keep nutrient levels steady.

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