Is Your Elderly Loved One Suffering from Insomnia?

Insomnia is more common than you might think. If your elderly loved one has this condition, it is going to affect their ability to fall and/or stay asleep. Insomnia can deplete your elderly loved one’s energy levels, cause health issues, and affect their mood. Their quality of life can decline because of all of this happening. If your elderly loved one does have insomnia, be sure you or a home care provider take them to see their doctor. Tests can be done to confirm the diagnosis and a treatment plan can be put in place. Not sure if your elderly loved one has insomnia? Keep reading here to learn what symptoms to look for.

Trouble Falling Asleep

Home Care McSherrystown PA - Is Your Elderly Loved One Suffering from Insomnia?

Home Care McSherrystown PA – Is Your Elderly Loved One Suffering from Insomnia?

As mentioned above, the main symptom of insomnia is when someone has trouble falling asleep. With this being said, there are other issues that could cause someone to have trouble falling asleep, so this symptom alone may not signify insomnia. However, it is still important that you or home care providers look for this symptom and track it in your loved one.

Waking Up Often During the Night

Does your elderly loved one wake up often during the night? If this happens regularly, and not just a night every few weeks or so, they could have insomnia. People who have this condition often (multiple times a week) have difficult staying asleep. In addition, when they wake up in the night time, they have trouble falling back asleep again.

Feeling Tired During the Day

When you or home care providers visit your elderly loved one during the day, do they seem very tired? If so, you should ask them about their sleeping habits. You might find out that your elderly loved one had very limited sleep or maybe even no sleep at all. If this is the case, you should call to set up an appointment for them with their doctor.

Trouble Concentrating or Having Memory Loss

Two other things that often happen with people who have insomnia is trouble concentrating and memory loss. If your elderly loved one is getting distracted when they try to do even basic tasks, this could be because they aren’t getting enough sleep at night. If they are forgetting simple things that they usually remember, this could be another sign they aren’t getting enough sleep. If these things are happening, you should talk to them about it. They may need some help getting asleep and staying asleep. This is where their doctor comes in.

Home Care Aides Can Help

These are some of the most common symptoms of insomnia. If your elderly loved one is displaying these symptoms, you and their home care providers can help them to stick to a treatment plan that their doctor sets up.


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