How To Talk To Your Senior About Drinking

Older adults are at risk for many more health problems than you could ever imagine. One thing that can lead to more serious conditions is the excessive amount of alcohol in someone’s diet. There are pretty severe consequences of consuming too much alcohol regularly. It is not healthy and can be deadly for a senior. It is a habit that needs breaking, and you may start feeling concerned about your elderly loved ones’ health. Hiring home care assistance providers can help your senior with this process.

Benefits of Home Care Assistance Services

Home Care Assistance Abbottstown PA - How To Talk To Your Senior About Drinking

Home Care Assistance Abbottstown PA – How To Talk To Your Senior About Drinking

Home care assistance is a great tool for seniors who need extra help at home, especially when you can’t be there with your loved ones. You can come up with a plan on how to talk to your parent and get home care assistance on board too. This means you can keep an eye on your senior’s health, but you can also see what home care assistance has to say about the senior’s daily activities. This will allow you to have some insight into how healthy a senior is when you’re not around. It can save their lives.

There are some major do’s and don’ts when you confront a senior about drinking. This may be a problem they don’t realize they have, or they may not be keeping track of how much alcohol they are consuming. It is normal to have a glass of wine every once in a while, but sometimes seniors forget about the glasses they already have, and it can be dangerous.

Here are some tips for talking about breaking a drinking habit.

Always Choose a Good Time To Talk

Always choose a good time to talk when sober and don’t have any hangovers. This will help them think with a clear head and understand what you’re saying. You should also consider choosing a day when there are no other activities planned or distractions for the day.

Avoid Labels

Labeling someone is one of the best ways to get them into a very defensive mode. You shouldn’t label or be judgmental during this discussion, but state you are worried about their health and would like to help them live longer. Labeling someone may make them feel more alone and create a further problem.

Watch Your Tone

You should use a loving and respectful tone when talking to your loved one. It can be easy to take a condescending tone, but this can be incredibly hurtful, especially if they are unaware of their drinking amount. This talk should always come from a place of love and respect.

Speak to Your Parent Honestly

Not only should you be honest about what you are witnessing and the cause for concern, but you should allow them to be honest with you. Perhaps they got bad news, lost a loved one, or are trying to cope with something you are unaware of. Allowing them to open up to you is one of the best ways to help them work through other problems.

Work Together

Maybe drinking has become something normal in the family. Instead of making only your seniors stop drinking, you can support them by ditching the alcohol. Create family habits that can pass on to your kids.

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