The Best Home Exercise Options For Seniors

Exercise is something that every senior needs to do as often as they can. Exercising regularly has major health benefits for seniors including a lowered risk of heart attack and stroke, a healthy weight, fewer complications from conditions like diabetes, and many more. But seniors who are aging at home might have a hard time getting to the gym or the senior’s center to work out, and exercising outdoors is often difficult during the fall and winter. With elder care providers, seniors can get a good workout right at home, especially seniors who need some support while exercising.

Seniors who are looking for healthy exercises that they can do at home should try these exercises:

Yoga with an Elder Care Aide to Supervise

Elder Care New Oxford PA - The Best Home Exercise Options For Seniors

Elder Care New Oxford PA – The Best Home Exercise Options For Seniors

Yoga poses that are designed for seniors can be fantastic exercises for helping seniors maintain their flexibility and movement. Seniors who need to adapt poses because of their physical challenges can get help from an elder care provider to modify any yoga poses that are too difficult for them. Yoga workouts for seniors are often recommended because they are low impact and over time can help seniors retain their flexibility and mobility.

Balance Exercises

Seniors should be doing balance exercises every day. Simple balance exercises just use a chair or even a couch for support so seniors who have mobility challenges can still do them. Your senior loved one’s doctor or physical therapist can give them recommendations for balance exercises that are ideal for their particular needs. But seniors who do balance exercises at least once a day are much more likely to retain their mobility as they age. Plus getting up to do balance exercises is great for circulation and can help seniors move more easily.


Walking is one of the most recommended cardio exercises for seniors. Walking is gentle and almost everyone can do it, even seniors who need a cane or some support can get big health benefits just from walking. Seniors should walk outside whenever possible because there are also benefits that come from being outdoors and breathing fresh air while observing nature. However, if your senior parent lives in an area with cold and wet weather in the fall and winter that’s not always possible. There are lots of walk-at-home programs that seniors can use as a guide to get in a good workout walking right in their homes.

Streaming Workouts

Streaming workouts make it possible for seniors to enjoy the best senior-friendly workouts anytime they want without having to leave the house. An elder care provider can help your senior loved one access streaming workouts whenever they want to exercise. With streaming workouts, seniors can take advantage of workouts that are always different so they don’t get bored. And with streaming workouts, seniors can access workouts any time of the day or night so they can exercise when it’s a good time for them without having to worry about being late for an exercise class or missing a class.

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