Ways to Make Seniors Feel Valued

Caring for seniors can be difficult, especially when loved ones are dealing with their own unique stressors from work and additional family issues. Too often, seniors might feel underappreciated, leading to depression and further isolation. Adding companion care at home services can help eliminate some of these feelings in seniors and decrease the pressure loved ones might feel.

Consider the following advice on how to improve senior self-esteem and help them feel valued.

Spend Quality Time with Seniors

Companion Care at Home Spring Grove PA - Ways to Make Seniors Feel Valued

Companion Care at Home Spring Grove PA – Ways to Make Seniors Feel Valued

As much as possible, spend time with loved ones as they transition into this time of their life. When visiting, take time to sit and talk about things other than their care. If loved ones cannot visit face to face, they can invest in technology that allows them to communicate virtually.

Having companion care at home offers additional support. Home care providers can assist with meal planning, running errands, or ensuring seniors socialize with peers. They may also encourage and transport to volunteer activities to enhance seniors’ world outside the home. These opportunities let seniors know their knowledge and time are valuable.

Take the Time to Listen

In today’s fast-paced world, people try to cram as much information as possible into as little time as possible. The rushed pace can make seniors feel as if loved ones don’t have time for them. This might be fine when catching up on world news or getting a summary of the day from co-workers, but it’s not wise to communicate with seniors in the same manner.

Slow down when spending time with loved ones. Put the phone on silent, or leave it in the car. Truly listen to what they are saying. Doing so provides everyone a much-needed break from the pressures of life by taking the time to breathe and slow down.

Companion Care at Home Can Make Sure Seniors Have Everything They Need

Consider the changes loved ones are going through and what might help them acclimate to those changes better. For seniors that live alone, would companion care at home be beneficial? Adding a supportive member in seniors’ lives is a wonderful way to show seniors they’re valued.

Companion care providers aren’t simply there to run errands and ensure safety. They also provide valuable socialization. From sitting with seniors and talking about their day to teaching them new skills or learning new skills from them, elder care professionals are an excellent way to provide seniors with a sense of purpose.

Show and Tell – Making Sure Seniors Feel the Appreciation

Don’t simply tell loved ones they’re appreciated. Show them as well. This can be done by following the above tips consistently. Let them know you’re thinking of them by sending flowers for no reason at all or stopping by unexpectedly to take them to their favorite restaurant. Invite them to grandparents’ day in the schools, or encourage them to share their skills with family members.

As they age, being mindful of loved ones’ feelings is crucial to them continuing to feel appreciated and valued. Take the time to consider how to do this, and ask for help. Companion care at home will assist and provide peace of mind.

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Jessica Ott