Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Senior Mom

Becoming a family caregiver may seem like something you want to do, and there is a lot of pride in taking care of your loved one. However, it is not always easy, and sometimes it can make your relationship with your mom much harder than it used to be. Your roles are not only reversing, but you have to figure out how to allow them to be independent, age in place, and know your place as a caregiver. Hiring the right professional companion care at home will help you give you space, and it may make your mom feel more comfortable.

So, as a new family caregiver, how can you manage your relationship with your mom? Here are some of the best tips and pieces of advice to maintain a healthy relationship.

Give Yourself Space

Companion Care at Home East Berlin PA - Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Senior Mom

Companion Care at Home East Berlin PA – Maintaining a Healthy Relationship with Your Senior Mom

When you start caregiving for your senior mom, you may want to jump in and take control of everything. This is the fastest way to get burnt out super quick. On top of that, your senior loved one may not want your help with everything. They should be able to stay pretty independent while aging in place, and they may just need help with the basics. However, it is easy to provide too much help, which means you’re controlling things and not giving yourself time to adjust or focus on yourself. You have needs and must stay healthy and give yourself space to maintain a healthy and balanced relationship.

Hire Part-Time Companion Care at Home

You know your parents better than anyone, and you may know that you need space but that your loved one also needs more care. That is okay, and it does happen, but that doesn’t mean you should work 24/7. This may mean you guys need more help. Sometimes, seniors don’t want to rely on their adult children for certain things, and it is easier to ask for help from a professional. Hiring the right companion care at home aide can allow you to enjoy time with your senior mom more.

Make Time for Connection

You may be taking care of your mom, but that does not mean you are spiritually connecting or taking the time to listen to them. It is so important to not just care for your mom but to connect with her because you will miss it if you don’t stop doing it. And one day, you won’t get the chance. That can be so hard to do when you are taking care of multiple things and don’t feel like you have the time to just stop and chat with her. This can put a strain on your relationship. You may feel overwhelmed, and she may feel like you don’t want to be around her. This is another reason why hiring companion care at home can be helpful. It means someone can care for her, and you can sit down and connect with your senior mom. It’s something that is often overlooked but so crucial for maintaining a good relationship.

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Jessica Ott