Ways 24-Hour Home Care Aides Help After a Stroke

Around 795,000 adults have a stroke each year. Around 610,000 of them are first-time strokes. Your dad is one of them. He’s had a stroke and is going to need support when he’s released from the hospital. You need to consider 24-hour home care services.

He Won’t Forget to Take His Pills

24-Hour Home Care Hanover PA - Ways 24-Hour Home Care Aides Help After a Stroke

24-Hour Home Care Hanover PA – Ways 24-Hour Home Care Aides Help After a Stroke

Following a stroke, your dad’s going to be taking medications every day. Missing a dose of a blood thinner or other medication increases the risk of having another stroke. Caregivers can remind your dad what pill he needs to take, how it has to be taken, and when to take it.

Grooming and Hygiene Aren’t a Struggle

As a stroke often impedes mobility, your dad may have a hard time taking a shower, shaving his face, or brushing and flossing his teeth. His caregiver can help him with this.

He’ll have a caregiver to support him as he gets into the shower and settles on the shower seat. His caregiver can wash his face, hair, and body, rinse him off, and help him get back out of the shower. He’ll have help drying off, applying moisturizer, and getting dressed.

Companionship with 24-Hour Home Care Aides Eases Fear

As strokes can occur again, your dad is going to be nervous. It’s understandable, and he needs to remember that the sooner medical attention happens, the better the chances of recovery. With 24-hour home care aides there, he’s not at risk of having a stroke and not being found for hours or even days.

Transportation to Appointments

Follow-up care is part of the norm after a stroke. Your dad cannot drive, so he needs to have someone available to bring him to his doctors and therapists. Caregivers can drive him around and stop to pick up groceries, prescriptions, and other items on the way home.

24-Hour-Home Care Provides Assistance With Bathroom Trips

Mobility is often impacted after a stroke. There’s a strong chance that your dad will need a cane or walker. Getting out of bed and to the bathroom in the middle of the night can seem impossible. If he has a home care aide ready to help him, he’s going to have someone there to make sure he gets to the toilet without risking a fall.

Meals, Snacks, and Beverages Are Always Available

Another benefit to 24-hour home care is that your dad has someone there to get him a drink if he needs it. If he needs help getting the straw into his mouth, his caregiver takes care of it. Meals and snacks are also prepared as he needs them.

Your dad shouldn’t be left alone after a stroke. He’s going to need support all day and night, whether he needs help with toileting in the middle of the night or would benefit from having someone there to help him eat. Arrange 24-hour home care now and help him recover without fear or frustration.

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