Do you have a mother or father over sixty-five? If so, you know that old age brings many joys. It also brings a few challenges. Many people in that age group have some hearing loss. And maintaining peak physical fitness also gets more difficult.

In-Home Care Spring Grove PA - New Gear For Aging

In-Home Care Spring Grove PA – New Gear For Aging

Never fear. Tech is here.

The following new gizmos were designed to improve the life quality and safety of users, ages sixty-five to one hundred and beyond.

The Pocketalker Personal Amplifier

The battery operated Pocketalker amplifies the sounds that the user wants to hear while blocking out background noise. It consists of a rectangular element that can fit in a shirt pocket and is corded to a set of small ear phones, designed as a headset.

The Pocketalker amplifies the volume from the television, making it easier for family to watch TV together at a volume all can enjoy. It is also designed to amplify in-person conversations, while voiding distracting sounds that make it difficult to follow what friends and family are saying.

At $139, the Pocketalker is reasonably priced, and good for approximately two hundred hours of use on the battery it comes with. A red light warns when the battery is low.

The Brondell Swash 1000

If your senior needs to improve hygiene in the, ahem, toilet region, a Brondell bidet provides a brilliant way to get clean without actually, you know, installing a bidet in a bathroom not designed for one.

The Brondell bidets adapt to an existing toilet, providing extra hygiene and a heated toilet seat. Flow and temperature are adjustable with metal levers. Though they are a little pricey–the Swash costs about $600–these bidets are a great way for an elderly man or woman to stay dignified and independent in the bathroom, even with the help of an in-home care aide.

Mobile EKG

Going to the doctor may pose a danger of COVID-19 infection to seniors. So many doctors are doing virtual, remote visits, over the phone or using a platform like Zoom or Facebook.

So, how does a doctor take vitals during these remote visits? Enter the mobile electrocardiogram monitor. That’s right! You can now buy a device that measures heart health at home.

The Kardia Mobile, for instance, is FDA approved for home use. You, your parent, or his home aide can use this device to measure heart rate. It only takes thirty seconds to do so. And the Kardia Mobile is effective at detecting atrial fibrillation which predicts a stroke. Information obtained with the Kardia Mobile is easily shared with a primary physician or specialist.

In conclusion, it’s never been a better time to grow old! Technology promises to make the baby boom generation the strongest generation of oldsters ever! Devices like mobile EKG’s and portable bidets give back much of the safety and preventive health measures that age takes away while personal amplifiers like the Pocketalker make it easier for someone with mild to moderate hearing loss to enjoy things like television and face-to-face conversations.


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