In-Home Care: Bath Safety Products All Seniors Need

January is Bath Safety Month and since bathrooms are a major hazard for seniors January is a great time to make the bathroom safer for your senior loved ones. When seniors get older they usually have poor balance due to age, medication side effects, and health conditions. They also may have trouble gripping things and bearing weight on their arms and hands to shift themselves in and out of a bathtub. Having in-home care services available when they bathe could also be useful.

If you want make sure that your senior loved ones are safe when they are bathing these products are the ones that senior safety experts and in-home care providers recommend the most:

Grab Bars

In-Home Care Spring Grove PA - In-Home Care: Bath Safety Products All Seniors Need

In-Home Care Spring Grove PA – In-Home Care: Bath Safety Products All Seniors Need

Grab bars are a must for every senior’s bathroom. But there are different types of grab bars and some of them are made specifically for the bathtub. A grab bar that installs directly onto the tub and is placed at just the right height for your senior loved one to be able to safely shift themselves up and over the lip of the tub is essential. It will make it much easier and safer for your senior parent to get in and out of the tub whether they are bathing alone or have help from an in home care provider.

Grip Tape

Grip tape is something you can find at any home improvement store and it will be a safety game changer for your senior loved ones. Grab bars can often be very slippery, especially if they get wet. Grip tape will prevent your senior loved one’s hand from slipping on the bar. It also can help seniors who have trouble gripping things to grab the bar securely. You can also put grip tape on the walls, the door knobs, and any other place where your senior loved one might reach out to steady themselves or need to have some extra stability. It’s also a very good thing to put on stair railings and bannisters.

No-Slip Coating For Floors And Tubs

Tile floors are very slippery even if they are dry. If your senior loved one’s bathroom floor is tile you can buy no-slip coating that is made for ceramic and tile surfaces. It will make the tile less slippery so there is less chance that your senior loved one will slip on it and fall. You can also apply the no-slip coating directly to the tub itself so that your senior loved one won’t slide around in the tub when they are trying to stand up or get in or out of the tub.

Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights will eliminate the need for your senior loved one to struggle to turn the lights on and off and they will provide better light so that your senior parent will be able to see clearly when they are getting in and out of the bath. Motion sensor lights will automatically turn off after a set period of time so that your senior loved one will never forget to turn the lights off and they won’t have to walk into a dark bathroom.

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