Many young people are freaked out about getting old. But are old people, themselves, freaked out about it?

Homecare East Berlin PA - Six Great Things about Aging

Homecare East Berlin PA – Six Great Things about Aging

Many are not. Many old people enjoy the increased leisure time. They get to play with grandchildren, then hand them back to their parents for the hard work of discipline. Many old people allow themselves to wear comfortable clothes, rubber soled shoes, and ditch the stress of stylish hair and makeup.

Other benefits to aging

  • Fewer migraines. Believe it or not, Swedish scientists are saying that migraines last for a shorter time in older patients, and the attacks become less painful. Many women report that migraines subside after menopause. And retirees are less likely to encounter the workplace stress that can trigger migraines.
  • Better perspective. Life experience and changes in brain structure come together in old people to give them excellent priorities. To put that another way: Old people don’t sweat the small stuff. “You broke a dish? Blew a job interview? I survived a world war” pretty much sums up this attitude.
  • Better allergies management. Immunoglobulin E is the antibody that causes a lot of allergic reactions. Old people make less and less of this antibody as they age. If it seems like mom doesn’t sneeze as much as she used to, that’s not your imagination.
  • Sweating less. Old people also produce fewer sweat glands, and the sweat glands they retain shrink. If only teenagers were that lucky.
  • Better impulse control. Several recent studies suggest that old people have learned how to better control their physical and emotional responses to negative stimuli. Old people, in other words, are done with the drama. And, interestingly, this does NOT mean that the elderly have lost interest in pleasure.
  • Not having to be cool. As people age, they find fewer reasons to impress others. This may mean they quit smoking because it looks sexy. They may quit wearing high heels and putting stress on their feet and back. They may quit drinking to keep up socially.

Professional homecare can help your parent make the most of old age.

How can you ensure that your mother and father take full advantage of all the gifts old age bestows? Hiring homecare may be an important aspect to living the fullest life possible.

Homecare aides provide the companionship that people over 65 often need. These homecare pros often provide transportation to the clubs and activities your parents remain interested in. And homecare aides may even suggest fun things to do that will keep your parents engaged in life, taking advantage of all it has to offer.


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