You may feel that looking after your elderly parent, sibling, spouse, or other individual in your family is your responsibility, but it’s not. Just because you may have a personal relationship with this other individual, the senior, doesn’t make it your job to be their primary caregiver.

Homecare Care York PA - Feeling Guilty Doesn’t Change the Value Homecare Options Offer the Senior in Your Life

Homecare Care York PA – Feeling Guilty Doesn’t Change the Value Homecare Options Offer the Senior in Your Life

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what the majority of family caregivers in the United States honestly believe: that it is their responsibility. Their job.

Keep in mind that being a homecare provider is a job. It’s not something you do every once in a while when it’s convenient to your schedule. It is something an elderly person, a senior may require in their home.

Too often, though, these feelings of responsibility can lead to guilt, especially when you start thinking about various homecare options for seniors.

How did you feel when you began contemplating homecare for this senior?

Let’s say, for example, this is your elderly mother we’re talking about. She has been dealing with increasing challenges to get through the days.

Perhaps her health has been in decline for some time. You live relatively close to her, so it makes sense that you are the one to take care of her. You stop by, call, visit as often as you can, but with your other responsibilities and career, maybe you don’t have the flexibility you’d like.

So, you begin to feel stressed. You couldn’t keep up with everything, and you worried more and more frequently about her safety. You wondered late at night if she was okay or if she had fallen trying to get to the bathroom.

If that happened, how could she call anyone for help?

The moment you started thinking about homecare options for seniors, you likely felt some level of guilt. That’s usually what happens. But here’s the thing: feeling guilty doesn’t change the value of homecare.

Why is homecare so valuable?

First and foremost, when you hire through an agency, you get an experienced, dedicated homecare provider to support you or your elderly parent or other loved one.

You don’t get somebody who is just doing this out of a sense of obligation or a feeling of responsibility to this individual.

Also, when you hire through an agency, you get a great deal of flexibility in hours. In other words, you can hire somebody for just a couple of hours at a time, for as few as one or two days a week to start.

That is a great way to ease somebody into the concept of relying on homecare.

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