Home Care Assists with Healthy Aging For Seniors

September is Healthy Aging Month! There’s no better time for seniors to take stock of what they’re doing and commit to making healthy habits part of their daily routines. A healthy lifestyle is the foundation of healthy aging, which is why it’s so important that seniors make healthy choices every day. When seniors consistently make healthy choices those choices will be become healthy habits. A home care provider can help seniors commit to a healthy lifestyle by motivating seniors to make better choices.

Home care services can oversee with a few of these healthy aging habits for seniors 

Drinking Water

Home Care Hanover PA - Home Care Assists with Healthy Aging For Seniors

Home Care Hanover PA – Home Care Assists with Healthy Aging For Seniors

Dehydration is something that affects seniors more than other populations. Some seniors just forget to drink water during the day like they should. Other seniors may not want to drink water because they are having some issues with incontinence. And others may have be on medications that make water taste strange or unappealing. Finding out why your senior loved one doesn’t drink enough water is the first step. Then you can correct the problem and encourage them to drink more water daily. A home care provider can also remind your senior loved one to drink more water regularly throughout the day.

Getting More Sleep

Sleep is when the brain resets and the body rests. Without enough sleep seniors can experience some bad side effects including depression and physical problems like high blood pressure. Seniors can improve their sleep by establishing a regular bedtime, making sure that they are not watching TV or on the computer for at least 30 minutes before bedtime, and using sleep aids like sleeping masks, essential oils, white noise machines, or fans to make sure that they are getting the restful sleep they need.

Staying Active

Being sedentary is bad for everyone’s health. But it can be especially bad for seniors who need movement and activity to keep their circulation going strong and improve their heart health. 30 minutes of brisk walking most days of the week is recommended for all seniors who are well enough for brisk activity. Seniors who can’t do brisk activity can still be active by doing yoga or other slow paced stretching activities that will help them maintain their bone and muscle strength.

Eating A Balanced Diet

Diet is another important part of healthy aging for seniors. Seniors need to eat a balance diet that is mostly vegetables and fruits along with lean protein and some whole grains. Since many seniors find activity difficult diet is crucial in helping them maintain a healthy weight. But a healthy diet will also help seniors lower their cholesterol, manage their blood sugar, and improve their heart health. If your senior loved one doesn’t eat the way they should because they don’t like cooking or don’t have much appetite you can work with a home care provider to make mealtime fun and exciting. Cooking meals together, trying new recipes, or even growing a garden and challenging your senior to make meals with whatever produce is available from the garden are all ways that you make a healthy diet fun.

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