Setting Up an Outdoor Living Area for Your Loved One

Even if your loved one is not able to get around very easily due to health reasons, you can still help him create a lovely little outside oasis to enjoy the warm temps and refreshing breezes of summer. Depending on where you live, this area can also be used to enjoy fall and spring as well. Anytime someone can get outside and enjoy fresh air, it can boost their spirits and brighten their day. Home care assistance providers can encourage the use of such a space.

Your loved one doesn’t need a large area, even an apartment balcony or a small patio deck can become a great place to sit and enjoy the outside world.

Here are some tips for creating this oasis for your loved one.

Use the right furniture

Home Care Assistance New Oxford PA - Setting Up an Outdoor Living Area for Your Loved One

Home Care Assistance New Oxford PA – Setting Up an Outdoor Living Area for Your Loved One

One of the most important parts of having an outdoor living space for your loved one is making sure it’s comfortable enough that he’ll happily use it. If sitting can become uncomfortable for your loved one, make sure the resting areas outside are accommodating. This might mean having a lounger on the deck instead of a lawn chair so that he can keep his legs elevated. If inclement weather might ruin lots of pillows and cushions, keep them nearby in a covered container so that your loved one’s home care assistance provider can pull them out when he’s ready to go outside.

Make it easily accessible with Home Care Assistance

Having an area that your loved one can access without climbing stairs or crossing uneven terrain is important to prevent falls or prevent him from using it at all. Your home care assistance provider can help transport him in and out of the little area when visiting but if you can have it easily accessible for him, he’ll be able to use it whenever the desire fits.

Make smooth flooring a top concern as well as secure places to hold onto for support as he positions himself in his seating area.

Provide coverage

Your loved one’s outdoor area should have some type of shade or coverage so he can avoid the direct sun while soaking in the fresh air. Having a cover over him might also allow him to enjoy the area during a spring rain or to watch a distant thunderstorm.

Add those special touches

One of the best things about having an outdoor area is decorating it to reflect your loved one’s personality. Find out if he wants it more tropical or woodsy or perhaps even reflect his love for a local baseball team. If he’s a big bird lover, place bird feeders and birdbaths nearby so he can enjoy watching his feathered friends while relaxing in his new area. His home care assistance provider can help refill bird feeders and bird baths to keep them ready for all of his visitors.

Nice weather is the time to get outside. Having some type of outdoor living space for your loved one will mean he can get out even when he’s unable to leave the home and is sure to help him find joy in the sights and sounds that summer brings.

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Jessica Ott