World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Sheds Light on 24-Hour Home Care

One out of ten older adults has experienced some form of elder abuse. This is one of many alarming statistics to know on Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Neglect and fraud and financial abuse are the two leading types of elder abuse. Elder Abuse Awareness Day is a good time to address your mom’s care needs. If she’s feeling vulnerable when she lives alone, it’s time to talk about 24-hour home care services.

24-Hour Home Care Thomasville PA - World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Sheds Light on 24-Hour Home Care

24-Hour Home Care Thomasville PA – World Elder Abuse Awareness Day Sheds Light on 24-Hour Home Care

If you live in another state, do you know if your mom is okay on her own? Is she struggling to maintain her home or cook meals? Can she drive or call to arrange a ride? If you’re not aware of this, you may not even realize her needs are being neglected.

Fraud and financial abuse can be even more difficult to manage from afar. Until you pay her bills online at the end of the month, you’re not even aware she took a call from a scammer demanding that she get a gift card to pay a fine before she gets arrested. You know it’s a common scam, but will she?

Convincing Scams Fool Many People

Scammers can be very convincing. They do their research in order to be convincing. Have you heard of the grandparent scam? The caller poses as a lawyer, doctor, police officer, or even a grandchild. The story that’s told is often that the grandchild was in an accident or was arrested and money is needed right now to pay for medical care or bail.

Your mom’s grandchild posted pictures at college. The scammer now knows the child is in college and likely knows the name of the school and city. This information can be used to trick your grandmother into believing a grandparent scam.

Public information online also helps with grandparent scams. It’s not hard to find family connections online, including estimated ages, jobs, and addresses. Scammers can use all of this to convince the target that the call is legitimate.

How Do 24-Hour Home Care Services Work?

With 24-hour home care services, caregivers work in shifts to provide around-the-clock services. Your mom has someone in her home at all hours for companionship, help with meals, transportation, and assistance with hygiene and grooming.

When she has caregivers with her day and night, there’s someone alert and ready to redirect your mom if she gets a scam call or email. Her caregiver can verify that someone at the door has a legitimate reason to be there.

Your mom has companionship, which may lower the chances of her wanting to answer the phone and talk to a stranger. Even if she does answer the phone, her caregiver can monitor the call and make sure it’s valid.

Is your mom vulnerable when she’s alone? Stop this from happening by arranging 24-hour home care services. You can’t be there, but she doesn’t have to be alone. Call our home care agency and ask about 24-hour care services today.


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